Styling JCrew

I am constantly looking for a deal. I don't think that it will ever matter how rich I get, I'll be still scouring to pay less than the asking price. Unless it's Burberry. School time came faster this year than I had hoped and our 16 year old grew even quicker. So when I received a 40% email from JCrew in my inbox, I thought to myself "Might as well!"

I do have a confession, however. When I did this haul I'd had a tough day and found myself feeling quite "good" after a few glasses of wine. While watching who even knows on television, I glanced over at my laptop sitting on the couch and encouraged myself into seeing what was out - there. I saw the email, (really 40% OFF) clicked on the link, and well... the shopping began. This kid needs clothes anyway. And oh boy am I glad I did!

Julius needed something for an upcoming wedding and had long grown out of the long sleeved shirts I'd purchased him 2 years ago. His shoes were non-existenent and frankly the only thing he had an abundance of was undergarments. Boxers out the wahzoo. The last time I checked, the school dress code strictly forbid, well... the option just wasn't in there, okay?

I got the plaid button up (here), two long sleeved shirts (here) that fit him phenomenally by the way, and a stripped tie that I already had plans for from Crew. While I was at it, I popped out of the sale section and got him 2 pairs of Addidas sneaks (here and here). Their size chart is over the top, so be prepared to break out a ruler to measure your child's foot. Like really? We know JCrew is a little uppity, but come on! Use a size chart that makes sense!

 It was a mini-haul but I was satisfied. I absolutely LOVE getting something in the mail (besides bills) even if it's not for me. There's just something about opening the package....

A couple Sunday's ago and the following week, we finally mixed some of my finds into some nice match ups I think. What do you think? His suit jacket is Calvin Klein (Macys) & I got his jeans from my last haul at the Gap.

Not bad.... Not bad at all!

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Shopping Haul!

I am one of those people that doesn't like to pay full price for much. Don't get me wrong, I'm not cheap, but I've found good ways of getting the best for my dollar, if I make little sacrifices here and there.

I was a single mother for over 10 years and needless to say, it was hard to balance paying for everything, including clothes. So I got in the habit of buying things a season early when it came to my son's clothes and other needs. At the end of each season, I would make my way down to places like Gymboree, Gap, Children's Place and Old Navy.

I never bought everything he needed in one store, because each of those places had strengths and weaknesses in what they sold in terms of quality. For example, while I would buy plain t-shirts, undershirts and underwear at Old Navy, I steered clear from their jeans because they wore down too fast. The same went for Gymboree. It was a matter of months before there were worn white patches on his knees, and I don't consider him an active kid! He's one of those book types that would rather sit in a corner reading than running around a gym or climbing a jungle gym. Gap is good for jeans. REALLY GOOD.

Last year when I married, my husband came with minimal clothing and what he had, and was more than willing to let me have free reign to buy him clothes when he saw my shopping results for my son. Yes!

This past weekend I went to the Gap and nearly had a heart attack from glee when I saw the potential savings adding up. I will say that I spent no more than $13.00 on any item that I purchased. And while the total of only 3 of the items would have been well over $150.00, I came out with 25 clothing items of khaki and corduroy pants, cashmere wool blend sweaters and gorgeous shirts for less than that would have been originally 980.00 plus tax, for $174.00!

Gap is one store that I believe to have a great quality of clothing and ridiculously great savings. If you're willing to wait. My guys don't care that they're last season. Frankly, don't most people wear good clothing for more than a year? So what's the difference? Not a thing!

Most people know this but Gap will keep marking down their clearance items ending in .99 until they reach a .97 ending. And Gap better not change it up after this either!

So if you're like me and want to maximize your dollars, keep your eye out at your local Gap store, because they're always good for a fantastic sale.

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Pack Your Bags!

My baby sister and I have a habit. A bag habit. Let us venture out to a TJ Maxx or Marshalls and it's best to leave the husband at home. My son has gotten quite used to the long hours in these celestial places, but now as a teenager he chooses to stay out of it all together. 

Come to think of it, I think we are more addicted to the routine of how we attack the store more than the bags themselves. It matters not whether it's a purse, a pair of shoes, scarf, wallet or random beauty product found in the disorganized shelves. It's the item that is going to "change our lives forever and make all of our dreams come true."


what we're looking for. Searching for. Everybody does this don't they?

Probably not. 

So let's change that "bag" habit to "shopping" habit. Admitting is the first step.

Each of us grab a cart as we enter the store, inspecting the wheels, making sure they'll handle the burden they will soon carry, slap our purses in the the front and head straight to the handbag and luggage section. This is where we spend the majority of our time. Digging, digging and digging, slowly and carefully so we don't miss a thing and at times can take up to and then some!

After the handbag and luggage section, the rest of the store is a blur. We go through the wallets, accessories, shoes, clothes, the book section - looking for the journal that is "just right" to jot down our most intimate thoughts and secrets. Or simply another "To Do" list. Everything we want goes into the cart. Everything.

Eventually we have to leave or the store closes (either one) and we visit the dressing room before moving on to the final stage.... 

"The Elimination Round"

This sisterly advice is crucial. Pay close attention and heed to the "you don't need that, girl" and "don't you already have something like that?" One by one, we describe our selections, why we think we need it, the HUGE way it will impact our everyday lives,  what we'll use it for, wear or carry it with. Every reason in the book is brought up and finally, yes finally we are ready to check out. 

I love these shopping trips with my sis. She's in a different state but thanks to modern technology we can "photo shop" - but it's not the same...

It's from these trips that I have accumulated a lot of, how do you say it... baggage. Hah! 

So you know I had to organize it! I was cleaning out our hallway closet the other day and accidentally stumbled upon this fabulous way of organizing my handbags. Maybe someone else has done this, I don't know, but I'm going to share it just the same!

The drawers were fine, but piling my handbags on each other wasn't!

First drawer holds wallets, coin purses and planners

Bottom two hold larger bags (beach, etc.)

Second drawer holds clutches

Those nuisance hangers are now serving a better purpose!

My bags hang above my storage unit leaving plenty of space for more.....?

I hope this post helps you in your quest for organization and maybe even gave you some new ideas. If you got any questions or need help on other organization topics, let me know and I'll do my best to help you out!

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