Pascale Phaëton founded 320Living in 2012 after spending 10 years applying for law school and not getting in. At this crossroad, she decided to get in touch with what she loved the most and soon realized that a career in law would have been a huge mistake.

Why? Because she was purposed for something else. She found herself first and then her passion, ultimately realizing that her dreams were limitless. In fact, was she limiting herself by trying to only pursue one avenue. Although she enjoyed the many years she had worked a legal career, it wasn't going to give her true satisfaction. 

Her passion, which is hallmarked by her vigilance for EXCELLENCE, was to explore, enhance and promote her gifts as a lifestyle that varied from cooking, healthy living, print work for weddings, special occasions and other events, marketing work, vocal cleaning, home organization, personal shopping  and much, MUCH more.

While reflecting on Ephesians 3:20, she had her own 320living moment. As she was lived 320, she would LIVE out her life's purpose and her DREAMS were limitless because God is the one who placed them there and was on her side. She decided to INSPIRE others to do the same: encourage them to find out who they are in Him, seek after their purpose and accomplish it. With Him. Ultimately, she could FLY to the highest heights as she yielded to the guidance within her.